Discover what keeps Carlsbad moving.

All your transportation options, in one place. Let us introduce you to some of the best ways to get to, from, and around our community.


Ride the rails.
Watch the waves.

One of the world’s most beautiful train routes has two stations in Carlsbad. Ditch the bumper to bumper for a relaxing oceanfront ride to/from work on NCTD’s Coaster train. Payment options just got even easier! Be sure to have the latest news and upcoming exciting announcements in your pocket by following NCTD on Twitter.

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The last mile is
sometimes the hardest.

You didn’t think we forgot about getting from the train station to your worksite, did you? The Carlsbad Connector is a program that provides dynamic shuttles from the Carlsbad train station to your worksite. The program is currently on hiatus due to the pandemic, but be sure to bookmark this page or contact our team, so you’ll be the first to know when it starts back up.

Traveling with Headphones

Catching the bus
is a Breeze.

No Connector? No problem. You can still catch a Breeze bus from the Carlsbad Poinsettia Station to key Carlsbad destinations. Hop on the 444 or the 445 bus.


One is the loneliest number. In a car.

Some serious magic happens when you share your ride in a carpool. More money in your pocket. More time in your day from HOV lanes. More naps in your life (passengers only). More productivity from multi-tasking (again, passengers only). The key is finding a match who lives and works near you. That’s where we come in. Simply put in your details to match on our site. Your important personal information is anonymous, so you decide if you want to share the ride. No match yet? Don’t worry! We’re brand new, and once the pandemic takes a hike, we’ll be off to the races.

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Grab life by
the handlebars.

The pandemic has motivated many of us to dust off our old bikes or buy a new one. A staggering number of us are blending people pedal power with a hint of electric!  Be sure to download this informative tip sheet when riding e-bikes.  We’re looking at our neighborhoods and even hills in entirely new ways and from the comfort of two wheels. If your worksite is close enough, take the next step and try commuting to work by bike. You may also consider dodging the school drop-off traffic, parking, and stress-- by getting a kid-friendly cargo e-bike.

Businesswoman with Mask

Work is definitely
NOT a place.

One of the best things to come from this difficult time and pandemic is the grand awakening that working from home…works. As we emerge from the pandemic and return to offices, many of us hope to sustain the wonderful parts of working from home via hybrid work arrangements. We’ve created a vast and growing set of services and resources for Carlsbad managers and workplaces to help maximize this new frontier and establish balance. 

Great! Now what?

Be sure to take a couple minutes to generate a custom trip plan that matches you with the most convenient option based on where you want and need to go. It’s free, and at the same time, you’ll earn a chance at winning $250 in gift cards every month for each sustainable trip logged on our platform.