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SANDAG Bike Education Classes

With April at our doorstep, it’s time to open up your digital calendar and set a reminder near and dear to many Carlsbad Commuters: Bike to Work Day this year is Thursday, May 18th.

And with that date circled, it is never too soon to get you and your worksite ready! SANDAG has a few ways they can help employers prep their workforce:

  • Bike Maintenance Quick Check – Quick bike check from local bike shops for safe riding and helpful safety tips

  • Bike Commuting Class 101 – Covers essential skills for riding to work safely and legally for beginner and experienced bike commuters

  • Bike Commuting Class 202 – Expands on the 101 class with additional skills and information to help employees become more confident bike commuters

  • E-Bike Safety Class – Covers the rules of the road for all bike riders but focuses specifically on regulations for e-bikes

  • Bike Friendly Driver Class – Teaches employees about road rules from the car driver's perspective and what to expect when sharing the road with bicycles

Classes are led by instructors from the San Diego Bicycle Coalition and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each class is customizable to meet your company's needs and lasts one hour, including time for a Q&A session. Translation services are available upon request. Click here to register your work site.


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