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Bike to Work Day 2022: Past is Prologue

Updated: May 20, 2022

Did you hear? It’s back! Carlsbad Commuter is proud to partner with SANDAG, the San Diego Bike Coalition, and other agencies across the region to deliver 2022’s SANDAG Bike to Work Day. To help make you feel like it’s 2019 again, here are a few easy ways for EVERYONE to celebrate and participate.

For Carlsbad Commuters:

Join thousands of San Diego County commuters on May 19th for Bike to Work Day. We’ve pulled together the following three easy P’s to get ready for the big day!

Prepare: Here are a few simple but essential ways to prepare for any bike trip.

  • Know your A, B, C’s: Click here to learn a super easy-to-remember method to inspect your bike before each ride.

  • Knowledge is power: Be sure you dust off the road rules for cycling in general.

  • E-knowledge is e-power: E-bikes have boomed recently. If you have one, be sure you know everything needed to enjoy safely, including new regulations, excellent training resources, and essential information. Don’t forget the e-bike tip sheet.

Pledge: Don’t forget to make the commitment!

  • You must register and participate in Bike to Work Day; simply fill out this 30-second pledge. Your confirmation email is how you’ll get your free collectors-item t-shirt! Pit stops will have other fun and encouraging elements to cheer you on.

  • To pick up your t-shirt, find the pit stop location that fits your needs. Carlsbad Commuter is hosting one with free breakfast burritos at the Island – corner of College and Faraday! While you can only get one t-shirt, you can visit and enjoy as many pit stops as possible!

Pedal: There are so many reasons that biking is a blast no matter where you are going. But to add to the delight in May, there are several fun things you can pedal to…

  • Pedal to your Pit Stop: As we mentioned above, to get your Bike to Work Day t-shirt on May 19th, visit one of the many pit stops across the region. Working from home? No worries, you can still bike to the pit stop closest to your home.

  • Pedal to the Past: Sometimes, you need to know where you came from to get to where you are going. This fun Carlsbad historical bike tour will help you discover something new while learning about something old.

  • Petal to the Paperbacks: Two things pretty much everyone loves from the time they are kids: bikes and libraries. Let’s combine those with this bike tour for Carlsbad libraries.

  • Pedal to Plenty: San Diego County is a prominent place and has a lot of bike-friendly spots to check out. One excellent resource to bookmark is iCommute’s Bike Map!

  • Pedal to Petals: Experience everything floral around Carlsbad with this fun biking challenge!

  • Pedal to Prizes: Participate in the Bike Month Scavenger Hunt powered by the City of Carlsbad, San Diego Bike Coalition and Scavify. Download the app here

For Carlsbad Employers:

A New Way to Work: Carlsbad Commuter is ready when you are to help make the commute back to the office a happy experience for your employees. Schedule a quick 30-minute meeting with our team to discuss how bikes and our other commuter services can help your business.

Spread the Word About Bike to Work Day: Tell your employees about the upcoming events by linking to this page. There is also an excellent toolkit for employers here!

For Carlsbad Schools:

Walk, Ride and Roll to School: Register and encourage your students to learn about active transportation to and from school with a free virtual class! SANDAG iCommute Walk, Ride, and Roll to School classes teach students skills and safety to build confidence and encourage active transportation choices like biking. Explore the Carlsbad Commuter website for more tips, tools, and tricks to make getting to school easier!


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