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Striking a Balance
for Your Team

Your company has knocked 2020’s sharpest curveball out of the park, right from home. Now, let's focus on prepping your 2021 playbook to create a balanced work environment. We're building something extra special to help you along the way. Scroll on to learn more.

Strategies for Getting Work Done—Anywhere.

We are in the lab creating a resource-rich digital hub all about Balanced Work—an emerging, practical model that offers a phased and flexible approach to the workday. You’ll find answers to top-of-mind questions about the future of work, plus in-depth research, case studies, tools and templates, and much more.


Fill out and submit the form below to secure your access. We will send you an email the minute it’s live.

What You'll Get


A curated collection of guides offering an in-depth look at the changing nature of work


Ready-made resources for your employees, including an unforgettable care package for homebound workers


Opportunities to connect with local and national subject-matter experts in telework, safe commuting and workday scheduling


Facilitated idea exchange with Carlsbad’s business leaders. And much, much more

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