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Carlsbad Commuter

Carlsbad Commuter is a program powered by the City of Carlsbad for people just like you. Nearly 100,000 people wake up every day and dedicate their talents to thousands of companies that call Carlsbad home. With so much awesome work being done in Carlsbad, our job is to help get everyone to work, especially in a pandemic. And when we do, it results in really great things for employees and employers. More money in your pockets. More time in your day. Less pollution in our air. Less stress in our lives. Our program is brand new, and we look forward to doing great things together.

Meet Our Team


Nathan Schmidt, AICP

City of Carlsbad

Transportation Planning
and Mobility Manager


Lolly Sangster

Program Manager

Public Works Transportation Department


Tom Frank

Transportation Director

Public Works Transportation Department


Jason Geldert, P.E.

City Engineer

Land Development


Aaron Gaul, TDM-CP

Program Manager

Carlsbad Commuter


Noe Solano

Program Specialist

​Carlsbad Commuter

Sustainability Mobility Plan

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Our Services

One-on-One Consultation

Let’s solve this puzzle together. One of our team members will schedule time with you to discuss the challenges you’re facing and discuss solutions that add stability for your business and employees.

Balanced Work 101

This service will help you educate your company’s leadership on Balanced Work fundamentals. We’ve created an hour-long course all about how your company can maintain agility. We have one of our experts on standby who can give the presentation to your company and help facilitate group discussion.

Business Leader Forum

We welcome you to join a network of local professionals from Perimeter businesses who are working together to improve the workday for their colleagues. You will learn from the experiences of your corporate neighbors and compare notes on future workplace plans.

Commute Planning

We’ll be your resource to ensure the services your employees rely on when they need to travel to the office. We can help you connect with MARTA, ATL Xpress, or your local shuttles. We can also help you build commuting programs.

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